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If you or someone you know receives a place in the 2017 London Marathon, please run it for The J’s Hospice and make a big difference to a small charity.

Chris Parker ran the London Marathon for us this year.    

“My daughter Laurel died of Niemann-Pick type C in March 2015, aged nearly 19 years. The J's Hospice had helped to care for Laurel since she was aged around 16, helping with her transition into adult services, providing specialist nursing, and carers who came into our home to spend time with her while the rest of the family took a short break to get on with "normal" life like shopping, making meals or going to school appointments with our other daughter Charlotte.

I had a ballot place for the 2015 London marathon, but deferred it to 2016, as my training had not gone so well. I decided to raise funds for the J's as a way to start saying thank you to them for their care and support for Laurel and the rest of the family, particularly my wife, Cara.

Running the London Marathon is an amazing experience. Training through the winter can be difficult, but rewarding as the mileage creeps up, the pace increases and the body adjusts. Race day is simply wonderful - anticipation and nerves on the journey and at the start, the rush as you run past the first crowds, and the support from other runners and spectators grows and grows the further you go round.

I am a member of a club who had a number of runners and spectators on the course.  They had been great support during training and were fantastic on race day.  I ran with a friend, and we kept each other going the whole way. Cara, Charlotte and my father-in-law moved around the course so I saw them three times, stopping for a hug and a quick chat each time.

No matter how quickly you run (or walk) every finisher gets a medal. I took every chance to show off my medal and my finisher's shirt. Raising money for a charity like The J's that meant so much to my family added to the experience and kept me going through both training and race day.”

If, like Chris, you take part in the 2017 London Marathon on behalf of J’s Hospice, we would be very grateful for your support. We can supply you with J’s Hospice materials to help with your fundraising so please contact us – 01245 475474 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


POSTED: 2nd October 2016